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ZiyenCoin a digital energy currency operating within the blockchain

Ziyen Inc. is launching ZiyenCoin, the first Oil & Energy Security Token Offering (STO) to be compliant with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), creating a fully trackable digital currency operating with blockchain supply chain management

This revolution in transactional certainty and efficiencies will have the ability to push down the costs of oil and energy production by removing market uncertainties and finance charges at every step of the way

ZiyenCoin’s elimination of bank fees and cross-border exchange rate losses over outdated fiat currency standards will cut anywhere from 3-5% annually in transaction costs across the $5 trillion worldwide energy sector.

Innovation – Beyond Bitcoin

ZiyenCoin is designed to have all the favorable characteristics and impressive investment growth opportunities of a modern cryptocurrency such as BitCoin; but unlike Bitcoin, which is not widely adopted because it is not benchmarked against anything of intrinsic value and is essentially rogue and on the outside of regulatory and legal compliance frameworks.

As a regulated and legally compliant STO, ZiyenCoin will fully reinvent and redefine today’s supply chain and financial procedures and protocols both within and beyond the world-wide oil and energy industry, enabling ZiyenCoin to be the most widely adopted blockchain enabled cryptocurrency in the world.

Currency benchmarked against a commodity

The formal definition of a commodity is a standardized, basic good that is used in commerce and is interchangeable in nature in terms of its physical attributes.  While, in principle, this is the notion underlying the oil commodities market, there are nevertheless shades of grey in reality.

ZiyenCoin is a structured digital token benchmarked against the number one global asset, energy, enabling holders to transfer intrinsic value in digital token form against any energy source, while avoiding volatility, inflation and devaluations associated with government led national currencies, and avoiding the cost of central banking regulations and transaction fees while operating seamlessly alongside all blockchain transactions in an energy ecosystem.

ZiyenCoin White Paper

A recent article by Forbes Magazine states that while blockchain burst onto the scene five years ago as a transactional platform for cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin), industries such as healthcare, banking and insurance are showing signs of adopting a decentralized ledger which would remove transactional fees and essentially save tens of billions of dollars for each respective industry.

Major global industries are adopting blockchain technology and our goal at ZiyenCoin is to apply the same principles that banking giants such as JP Morgan & Chase, who recently launched JPMCoin and are now implementing to another key global industry, but we are focused on the oil and energy business.

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