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ZiyenCoin's Blockchain Integration

Blockchain Technology Intergration

ZiyenCoin has been developed as a Digital Energy Currency to integrate seamlessly into the blockchain.

The blockchain is a decentralized ledger, which tracks and records all transactions, or contracts maintained in decentralized form across different locations and people, eliminating the need for a central authority to keep a record of everything.

The blockchain network operates a distributed ledger technology but executes it more securely, efficiently and cheaper than all legacy systems.

ZiyenCoin will be a an SEC regulated digital energy currency that will operate directly with the blockchain, allowing all transactions to happen immediately, more securely and avoiding banking and currency transactions fees across anywhere in the globe.

Integrating with the Oil Blockchain Industry

The oil and gas industry is the largest global energy industry, made up of operators, drilling companies, service companies, government regulatory bodies and countless other companies in the supply chain. The largest volume of productivity in the industry is for oil and gasoline used to propel vehicles, heat buildings and to produce electricity.

The oil blockchain will provide a decentralized ledger to provide all of the companies and stakeholders involved opportunities to revolutionize the entire industry through efficiency and transparency.

Blockchain enjoys huge cost savings through efficient cost savings through efficient optimization of supply chain contracting. In addition, a single digital currency operating on the blockchain will enjoy all the benefits of security, cost savings and instant transactions as pioneered by bitcoin.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts in the oil Industry is another key benefit of integrating with the blockchain. The huge volume of contracts and transactions to execute in oil capital projects have caused significant reconciliation and tracking issues across the supply chain.

The key objectives accomplished by smart contract technology is cost savings due to removing supervisory intermediaries; smart contracts can track costs, organize and track supply logistics, change purchase orders, receipts and other trade-related documentation, data inventory, and enhance mutual trust among counter-parties.

Contract compliance terms will take the shape of mathematical algorithms using a source code to describe all delivery service conditions. Smart contracts will include new tracking, bookkeeping and automation meta data which will in turn create a more seamless supply chain as well as improved capital efficiencies and simplified contractual obligations.

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Contact us to request a free copy of the ZiyenCoin White Paper


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